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A Guide to Making Your Home More Energy Efficient


The price of energy for heating and cooling homes continues to rise. This increase in costs has placed an additional burden on families trying to keep up with all expenses. In addition, many of the resources used for energy come from the Earth and continued dependency on these will deplete these resources. Because of all these factors, it is important from a financial and environmental standpoint to find ways to be more energy efficient around the home.

There are several ways that homeowners can make their homes more energy efficient. The newer appliances that are produced now use less electricity or water, and can be helpful in reducing energy costs. In addition, reducing drafty doors and windows can be another way to keep heat from leaving the home, which in turn will help reduce costs. These along with other methods can help everyone reduce energy costs.

But, being more energy efficient can be everyone’s responsibility. From turning off lights when not in the room to turning down the thermostat, there are dozens of ways that households can help save energy and save money. To learn more about energy and being more energy efficient in our daily lives, please feel free to review the following resources. We hope that these ideas can help you save money, as well as help save the environment.