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XTO cited for unauthorized water pumping from lake in Dallas/Fort Worth metro

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Residents of Dalworthington Gardens have been concerned for some time about the water level of Pappy Elkins, a tiny lake located between Dallas and Fort Worth. They have suspected that the oil and gas company XTO has improperly drew from the lake for use in hydraulic fracturing operations in 2011. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality says that the company was not entitled to the amount of water that was pumped out. Davis Schetcher of WFAA News 8 Houston reports:

Now Texas is siding with residents. The state has cited XTO for withdrawing almost 1.4 million gallons of water without permission.

XTO did have a permit to use some of the water in Pappy Elkins. But the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has cited XTO for taking water above what it was entitled to. Specifically, “failure to obtain authorization to divert waters” for “an additional 1,387,000 gallons” of water.

Residents are upset that XTO would take water from the tiny Pappy Elkins Lake when there are other sources available. The effects of drawing from such a small body of water are significant, and locals say that the lake hasn’t been the same since the water level dropped.

XTO contends that it did not take any water from the lake it was not entitled to. The company has indicated that they are challenging the state’s decision.

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