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10 most wanted energy professions

Zach Koppang | Shale Plays Media

The demand for skilled workers is growing quickly alongside the ongoing shale boom. The energy sector is in direct competition with other industries though, creating a competitive market for a variety of positions, according to a recent article by Rigzone.com.

By examining this year’s recent quarter and the demand of jobs posted on its website, Rigzone has compiled a list of the ten most sought after professions in the energy sector. Here is their ‘most wanted’ list of professions:

  1. Mechanical engineer
  2. Field service technician
  3. Production operator
  4. Maintenance technician
  5. Heavy machinery operator
  6. Mechanic
  7. Petroleum engineer
  8. Geologist
  9. Quality assurance/quality control inspector
  10. Electrical engineer

Mechanical engineers top the list after hiring managers labeled them as being high priority in the first six months of the year. Although the number of people earning mechanical engineering degrees rose about seven percent between 2011 and 2012, they remain in short supply.

Petroleum engineers, although the most specific to the oil and gas industry, are in high demand as well. But some companies are looking beyond the usual technical requirements and are seeking individuals that have strong communication, project management and leadership skills as well.

Geologists seeking a career in the oil and gas industry might be in for a pay hike if they decide to switch over from the government or mining sectors. Government statistics list the average salaries of geologists to be around $91,000 across all industries. However, working in the oil and gas sector may offer them as much as $113,000 annually.

Click here to read the full report from Rigzone.com.

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