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Texas and oil are having relationship issues

Oil and gas to Texans is like hot dish to Minnesotans, but now there are issues in the relationship between Texas and oil.

On November 4 in Denton, Texas the ban over hydraulic fracturing will be in a referendum.  Oil producers are being challenged by a “grass-roots” campaign run by a home care nurse.  The oil producers are pushing the arguments of job creation and funding for schools. The opponents are arguing the quality of life and environmental issues.

Clifford Kruass of the New York Times calls the group’s tactics “a mix of the traditional and the unorthodox.”  One of the members who is a soapbox derby fanatic, is creating a “fracking coffin racer” for an upcoming festival.  Other members have put together a puppet show titled “frack free puppeteers” for the get-out-the-vote event.  In the more traditional manner, the group is still walking the streets distributing leaflets explaining the health risks that come from fracking.

The pro-fracking group, which is built largely by local gas producers is claiming the opponents are crying foul and running in fear.

Regardless of the campaigns from either side, no one in Denton is eliminating the idea of the ban being passed.

With Denton sitting in the middle of the Barnett shale field, one of the nation’s largest oil producing basins, it is hard for oil producers not to worry, according to Marvin E. Odum, President of Shell Oil.

“I think I have to be concerned about it…  So I am concerned about it.”

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