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The Lego logo is seen at the entrance to Legoland theme park near the corporate headquarters in Billund February 1, 2008. REUTERS/Bob Strong via Newscred

50-year LEGO-Shell partnership to end

LEGO® has caved to pressure from Greenpeace to discontinue its partnership with Royal Dutch Shell, according to Petro Global News.

LEGO® will not be continuing its collaborative work with Shell, a business arrangement that was worth $116 million, marking the end of a half century of cooperation between the two companies. LEGO® CEO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp expressed that the current contract, upon its expiration later this year, will not be renewed.

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Shell has respectfully accepted LEGO®’s decision to part ways.

Greenpeace launched a campaign July 1st, decrying LEGO®’s working relationship with a company that planned to drill in the Arctic. The largest aspect of the campaign was an elaborate video of an Artic scene created entirely from legos drowning in oil, aptly titled “Everything is NOT awesome,” a spin-off of The Lego Movie’s theme song.

Another aspect of Greenpeace’s campaign was the Protest-o-matic, where you could create your own slogan for a LEGO® figure with a protest sign, camped with a polar bear in front of a LEGO® version of a Shell fueling station.

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