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12 oil and gas apps that will change your life forever

greasebookGreaseBook Pumper App, GreaseBook LLC, Free

Submit your production reports from your phone! You can also capture tickets with your camera. GreaseBook is a ‘slick’ gauge sheet solution. This prestigious app has been highly endorsed by several oil and gas tech publications.




Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary, Schlumberger Technology Corporation, FreeSchlumberger

This app is essential for any oilfield professional. A special dictionary that has been created specifically for the oilfield, it also features full-color high def photographs to go along with each entry. There are definitions for beginners and experts in the field alike.

iPhone  |  Android



hitch calanderHitch Calendar, Gioel Asuni, $1.99

Oilfield workers have highly unusual schedules. With Hitch Calendar you can keep all of the days you work straight in a streamlined way. A must-have for the modern rig-worker.




Oil & Gas Safety Management App, Snappii, Freeoil and gas

This app allows you to conduct inspections without having to use a laptop and a camera. You can just do it from your phone! It allows you to stay on top of these safety tasks: manage essential safety resources, practice quality assurance, inspect equipment, record incidents and illnesses, emergency planning and share reports. The downside is, in order to disable the ads inside of the app you will have to pay $0.99. There is also a subscription fee.

iPhone  |  Android


pipeline regulationsPipeline Regulations, Tekk Innovations LLC, $19.99

Pipeline Regulations is a reference resource that explores select parts from the Code of Federal Regulations. It includes sections from Pipeline Safety Programs and Rulemaking Procedures such as annual pipeline transportation reports, incident reports, safety-related condition reports and the minimum safety standards. Federal Safety Standards for natural gas facilities and response plans for oil pipelines are also included. Offline access is included for when the area you are in is too remote to get internet access.



Halliburton INSIDE Anywhere Mobile, Halliburton, Freehalliburton

This app is mostly used for well construction, completion and drilling workers. It allows for real-time mobile collaboration to help communication with your team. It enables faster decisions on this secure app that requires a login.





oil fieldPumper’s Friend, Systems of Merritt, Inc., Free

This app is for, you guessed it, pumpers! This production utility helps pumpers to manage their wells more efficiently. It makes gathering tank and gauge data easy.  It allows you to transmit data to the office, eliminating the need for paper forms. It also plots the tank and gauge data, streamlining the way you view well performance. It uses pictures of familiar drilling equipment to enter readings, which will make data entry errors disappear.




Drillutions, L.I. Studios, $9.99energy

Drillutions features an array of helpful calculators in order to maximize your productivity. Included calculations: annular velocity, annular volume/capacity, barite requirements, bottoms up, buoyancy factor, capacity, duplex volume, displacement, dry pressure loss, equivalent circulating density, equivalent mud weight, formation temperature, hydrostatic pressure, kill sheet, tank volume, thermal expansion, triplex volume and wet pressure loss. It also features a lot of references for activities such as casing, mud pumps, tools and tubing. It also allows you to manage multiple wells’ information simultaneously.



baker hugesBaker Hughes Rig Counts, Baker Hughes, Free

A real time active rig count map, yes please! Improve your business barometer by downloading this app to find out where the drilling demand is the highest.




WellEZ Mobile, WellEZ Information Management, LLC., Freeez mobile

WellEZ Mobile allows you to access a bunch of different databases to help you while you work. With this app you can view: all active wells, active work over jobs, field user information, daily operations progress, daily field costs and daily activities.

iPhone  |  Android


ebookHalliburton eRedbook Mobile, Halliburton, Free

Derived from the Halliburton Cementing Tables, this app is the industry-preferred data reference for drilling or cementing oil and gas wells. It is one of the most popular apps for oilfield workers.

iPhone  |  Android



Energent, Energent Group, Freeapp

Energent is another oilfield data app that focuses primarily on helping sales and operations for oilfield services in Texas. It monitors the latest drilling permits from all of the major companies and can also find your wells’ locations instantly.



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