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Energy and the environment are top priorities in election races

Many candidates on today’s ballots are pushing energy and environmental issues more than immigration and Obamacare.

While ballots are being checked and “I voted” stickers are being handed out, campaign ads show that Republicans and Democrats are viewing energy and environmental issues as top priorities in this year’s race.

According to data collected by Kantar Media Intelligence, between October 20 and October 26, TV advertisements regarding Senate races were mainly focused on energy or the environment.  This means there is less focus on Obamacare, immigration, and government spending.  There was a total of 14,888 individual airings of ads directed towards energy or the environment during the six day time-frame in October.  Of those ads, 55 percent were favoring Republicans and 45 percent were supporting Democrats.

Daniel Weiss, the senior vice president for campaigns with the League of Conservation Voters, commented on the topic:

That’s one signal that energy and environmental issues are a part of the conversation, though obviously the economy and jobs is the lead with voters.

To read the entire article regarding this year’s elections and energy and environmental issues by Fuel Fix, click here.

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