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Perry blasts Cuomo on fracking in final speech as governor

Texas Governor Rick Perry left no stone unturned in his final speech as governor of Texas on Wednesday, which included a shot at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Perry, a heavy proponent of fracking in the oil-rich lands of Texas, criticized Cuomo on his statewide ban on fracking. Perry says Texas is “creating thousands of energy jobs utilizing fracking to tap deep energy reserves.” According to a December poll by Quinnipiac University, 55 percent of New Yorkers approved of the fracking ban while only 25 percent supported it.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Cuomo’s ban on fracking:

“Two states, two vastly different approaches. One creates jobs. One appeases a political base at the expense of the people. In Texas, we have chosen jobs.”

In December, following the recommendations of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Cuomo decided to ban fracking the state and said that, “I think it’s our responsibility to develop an alternative.”

Gov. Perry responded to those remarks in a radio interview with the New York Post saying, “I don’t understand why a governor like Governor Cuomo, who is a smart and thoughtful individual, would allow a small group of radical environmentalists to stop job creation and to stop people’s ability to have better lives for themselves, especially when the science has proven to be safe.”

You can read the full story in Bloomberg News by clicking here.


  1. He could even fix New York!

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