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pipeline explosion, fire
Photo: Paul Hudson via Flickr.

Boom goes the pipeline, again

On Monday morning another gas pipeline exploded, marking the fourth extreme accident involving a U.S. pipeline just this month.

The gas pipeline in Brooke County, West Virginia, is owned by Enterprise Products LP.  Several eye witnesses stated all they could see was a massive fireball rocketing hundreds of feet in the air.  One witness told emergency dispatchers that the explosion melted siding off of one home and damaged at least one power line.  Enterprise Products is conducting an investigation to find the cause of the explosion.

This explosion is the fourth pipeline incident that has made headlines this month.  Earlier in the month, a gas pipeline in Mississippi operated by GulfSouth Pipeline burst into flames, causing a smoke plume so large it registered on National Weather Service radar screens. On January 17th, a pipeline owned by Bridger Pipeline LLC in Montana spilled an estimated 30,000 gallons of crude oil into the Yellowstone River.  The spill left thousands of people living in Montana without consumable tap water.  Days later, three million gallons of saltwater drilling waste spilled from a North Dakota pipeline.  The spill was deemed North Dakota’s largest pollutant release into the environment since the beginning of the oil boom.

Below is footage from the pipeline explosion in Brooke County:


  1. Gee I wonder who trying to sabatage the O&G in this country ? one guess !

    • this happens with fracking and pipelines regularly! note the article said 4th this month. it’s not a conspiracy- just a bad idea. green technologies are the future.

  2. Sounds like the work of our POS POTUS!

    • Obama has nothing to do with this.If you knew what you were talking about you might know that Obama is most likely to veto the Keystone pipeline.Learn some facts HATER!

  3. Wow that’s not good for the industry. I hope they find foul play.

  4. ust another way to raise gas prices back up.j

  5. Another fine example of the false safe clean energy

  6. I got idea lets do away with natural gas that heats most of the northern states and lets not drive cars at all…. No more drilling no more fracking!!!! Lets put millions of people out of jobs…

    Accident will happen people we’re humans…

  7. Think they just need to take a look at the weld code they shoot the welds under Im a union welder myself and the pipeline code is not very stringent I’ve welded under that code before also

    • Has nothing to do with the code. I like you am a union welder. I though am a 798 Pipeliner. Don’t know if you are a structural welder or what but 10-45 code is more than sufficient for any pipeline be it crude, tar sands, natural, propane, gasoline or whatever is being transported. Now look at age of line, design pressure, ground disturbances, operator error and the list goes on. You as a welder should know that a rupture in a line will never happen on a field weld provided it was x-rayed by a competent contractor and passed according to code. Pipe seams are a different story.

  8. Most pipeline explosions have nothing to do with the welding of the pipe most of the time it’s the cheap pipe it’s self that comes from over seas is the problem

  9. Planes crash and yet people still fly… Glad nobody was hurt… Keep drilling and frac on..

  10. hmm. looks like liberals are willing to do anything to advance their “agenda”.

  11. Got to do something to get oil prices up. What’s next. I hope a hurricane!!!!

  12. Some of you people are idiots.. Every now and then something is going to go wrong.. Just like a blowout on a tire. You don’t sue a company, or discontinue making them tires. Just fix it, and stop your crying!!

  13. Hmmm does anybody think this is coincidence, this is a calculated act. After all who wants the keystone pipeline anyway.

  14. Melted the siding but not the snow in the yard…. Hmmmm

    • I live not far from where this happened. And yes “the explosion” could have melted his siding.. it didn’t have to be the resulting fire.. o and by the way.. you didn’t pay to close attention to the video… it’s snowing out…..

  15. The inspection of pipeline needs to be more strict. Some of the inspection company’s let anyone go out and inspect. If you don’t have the exspereance and the know how. You don’t need to be an inspector! DOT needs to inforce strict guidelines to be a inspector.

  16. I’m an environmental inspector. And I see the inspection company’s put people out on the line as inspectors that has no clue of what they need to watch for. Inspection is becoming a joke. And this is the result!

  17. I just want to see who blames the POTUS… Anything to justify this is still safe. Now their water is contaminated, but it’s okay though, smdh… “Accidents happen”. No need to stop, keep doing what yall doing as long as you get paid…

  18. Man alive people…. I think at least 70% of the U.S are clueless, 20% of the U.S are Nieve, and the other 10% of us work in oil and gas, and actually understand… SMFH

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