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EQT pipeline vs. W. Virginia & Virginia

Due to concerns voiced by communities in West Virginia and Virginia, EQT Corp. is looking into a new route for its proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline that would transport natural gas from northwestern West Virginia to Virginia.

The Bluefield Daily Telegraph, located in West Virginia, reported on a letter from the Monroe County Board of Health opposing the pipeline.  Officials are concerned that the pipeline would impact the health of the people in Monroe County negatively.  The Bluefield Daily Telegraph printed the following from the letter:

“Monroe County Board of Health is firmly opposed to the construction and installation of the Mountain Valley Pipeline through any route in Monroe County.”

The Mountain Valley Pipeline has caused controversy in both West Virginia and Virginia.  According to the Roanoke Times in Virginia, concerns regarding the historical impact the pipeline could have in Giles County is a large issue.

EQT spokesperson Natalie Grant stated on Monday via email that the company has held meetings with communities that will be affected by the pipeline and is working to resolve any issues or concerns the people have.  Due to the public’s concern regarding the route of the pipeline, EQT is considering and looking into alternative routes.  Grant expressed the company’s efforts:

“We understand there are concerns about the safety of natural gas pipelines; however, we want to assure residents and landowners that we are committed to building the Mountain Valley Pipeline safely and responsibly, and we’re going to do this the right way … We want to work with everyone in Monroe County, as well as each of the counties along the proposed route, to make sure we’re building this pipeline safely and responsibly, and that we’re doing so in a way that has minimal impacts on their land and their daily lives.”


  1. U can always ship it by rail. That’s working out well.

  2. They allow fracing but they have concerns about a pipeline that will create more jobs for the state lmao!! Yall ain’t the smarts bunch are Yall lmao!!!

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