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South Carolina voters follow the Arctic drilling trend

According to a poll, South Carolina voters are following the crowd when it comes to offshore drilling in the Arctic, and that energy policy will be an issue they will pay attention to when casting their votes during the 2016 Presidential Election.

Today, Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) released its latest poll sharing that voters in South Carolina give their full support to offshore energy production in the Arctic.  The poll found that 63 percent of those who participated in the poll were in support, and 32 percent opposed the offshore drilling.

The CEA’s poll also shows that Presidential candidates will need to pay close attention and have strong positions regarding offshore energy operations in the Arctic.  More than 85 percent of those who voted stated that energy issues are going to be something they pay close attention to when it comes down to voting in the 2016 election.  Since energy issues are so important to residents in South Carolina, those running for President will need to energy policy one of the main topics of their campaigns.  The CEA found similar views in other major states during the 2012 Presidential Election.

President of Consumer Energy Alliance David Holt commented on poll’s results regarding the 2016 Presidential Campaign and Arctic drilling:

As we have seen in the past, a strong position on energy policy, and Arctic energy production in particular, will be critical for 2016 Presidential candidates as they begin touring early primary states like South Carolina,” said David Holt, President of Consumer Energy Alliance. “Evidenced in CEA’s research, support for a comprehensive domestic energy policy that uses all of America’s energy resources will be key component to a candidate’s success. Furthermore, these polls show a trend that will likely be seen across the country in the general election – that energy policy will be top of mind when voters cast their ballots.

Energy is booming in the United States and we are on the cusp of an Energy Revolution … To continue our energy dominance, and subsequent economic growth, voters clearly recognize the need for a diverse energy program that includes Arctic development. This result supports a recent study by the National Petroleum Council that concluded the U.S. should pursue Arctic development to help maintain our energy self-sufficiency.

The CEA’s press release stated,” The results out of South Carolina also showed that Hillary Clinton is favored among Democratic primary participants. While Lindsay Graham enjoys a narrow lead among all Republican voters (14%) and women Republicans (19%), no GOP candidate has a clear advantage in the South Carolina primary.”

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