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Halliburton is closing its doors in Indiana County

After 40 years in Indiana County, Halliburton has decided it is time to close down its service there.

Halliburton decided to close the Indiana County yard primarily so that they could be in closer proximity to the bulk of its customers.  Halliburton’s spokesperson Susie McMichaels made the following statement regarding the company’s shift:

Halliburton is moving operations to Zanesville because much of the company’s work for customers has moved to southwestern Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. Halliburton will continue to service its Pennsylvania customers from its other Pennsylvania locations and the Zanesville facility.

The Indiana County service yard employed 430 people, and of that 90 people will be laid off.  Some employees will be offered new positions within Halliburton.  Those who will still have their jobs will be relocated to either the Zanesville location or other facilities within Pennsylvania.  The yard is expected to be closed by the end of this year.

McMichaels Discussed the company’s continuous changes to its workforce:

Halliburton continues to make adjustments to its workforce based on current business conditions. We value every employee we have, but unfortunately we are faced with the difficult reality that reductions are necessary to work through this challenging market environment.

As reported by the Pittsburgh Business Times, “Local officials said they were dismayed by the news, especially because the company had assured them it wouldn’t take this step in spite of rumors to the contrary, they said.”  State Senator Don White and State Representative Dave Reed made a joint statement regarding Halliburton’s employment changes:

Just a few months ago, we were approached by concerned employees and community leaders about ongoing rumors that such a decision may be on the horizon. However, after speaking with Halliburton officials we were told such rumors were unfounded. Now, we’re told the decision to close is permanent and nothing can be done to reverse course.

To read the Pittsburgh Business Times entire article regarding Halliburton closing its Indiana County facility, click here.


  1. There goes more jobs ! Has anyone seen new Yorks commercial on how they give tax breaks to create jobs ? Duh PA !

  2. This is very big. And sad.

  3. A lot of elitist are leaving the U.S….

  4. They will be closing their doors in 2 months time

  5. The whole country should say bye to Halliburton.

    • Then James you are both idiots! Tell that to all the men and women who loose their good paying jobs because of it.

    • Everyone knows Halliburton provides mediocre services for top notch prices!! They are mediocre at best and I would rather have smaller more efficient service companies to do my work. Good riddance!! Those employees, if they are good, will get a job with some other company pretty quickly.

    • Being a ex employee of halliburton efff that place they do nothing but screw you they talk it up really nice but play all kinds of shady games where’s there’s money embezzlement from management to covering up employee injuring a so others can keep their jobs place is s joke and everyone is already losing their jobs with halliburton I say they are better off cause why would you want to work for such a shady crooked place

    • You are a fool if you think these little boom company’s will last maybe you should start practicing for your next job. Just remember do you want fries with that

    • Well, Ive been to the Homer City yard multiple times when I worked for Big Red, and live close to Zanesville, so maybe my opinion is a bit more informed. The logistics of the Homer City shop are horrible. Taking all the frac/cement/chemical trucks and other associated equipment out of there and on to a main highway is a big PITA. And the Homer City yard has a weird layout. Its basically 2 or 3 different buildings/businesses on different sides of the road and nothing is really set up right.

      Zanesville, however, is in an industrial park, the facilities are built how Halliburton wants them to be, everything will be in close proximity to each other, and you’re only minutes from the interstate. I look for the Carmichaels wireline/sperry/bariod shop to be closed and moved there soon too.

    • I have interviewed for big red and passed on their offer. Not saying I would never work for them just didn’t really feel like taking that much of a pay cut. Haven’t made that little an hour since I was a teenager.

    • Of course everyone hates them, Halliburton is taking everyone else’s business because they have a much better business model then anyone else. While other companies are going out of business and laying people off, halliburton and their employees are full steam ahead.

    • Pretty sure Halliburton laid of 10,000 employees. Buying Baker and gonna lay off a lot more when that comes around.

    • Mike Roof from what ive heard halliburton is doin away with their wireline and sperry. Goin to use baker’s

    • I think it’s hilarious how uninformed you people are. Yes they closed one facility to open another brand new much more improved facility to better serve their clients. To the one dumb butts talking about them laying off 10000, know what you’re talking about. It was more like 18000. It had nothing to do with the merger with Baker it had more to do with falling oil prices and current economical situations that played a role in this. And also know that Halliburton is one of the last companies to lay someone off, just as they were the last to announce their first 7000 layoffs earlier this year. They had to do what was best for the company just as every other service company did. You will find it very hard to find s company out there that didn’t have to downsize in some way to accommodate today’s market.

    • Halliburton is currently hiring and has called many back to work. My husband works for Big Red, he make great money, we have great benefits. Pretty sure they only laid off 6-7k people. Not all baker employees will be let go, I am sure the fat that needed to be trimmed will be. Steffen, believe you have hit the nail on the head

    • Halliburton is taking in the baker MWD/directional services and a few others, while selling Sperry and the other corresponding services to the baker services they’ll be taking in. They won’t be laying off baker hands, they’ll be putting them to work

    • Big red still laying off I got let go 2 weeks ago Wednesday

    • James Murray please tell where you made that kinda of money as a teenager?

    • I’m assuming this guy got fired from Halliburton at some point

    • I interviewed for a position in Brighton. The recruiter told me that entry level pay was $13.50 an hour. I wasn’t going to start at entry level but imagine the pay wouldn’t have been close to what I was already making. I have been making more an hour since I was teenager doing dirt work, running skid steers and mini excavators.

    • I werk fo’ Hallibowton.

    • Jody I realize times have changed a bit since you was a kid. You know walking through 2 feet of snow to school 10 miles each day and all.

    • I work for halliburton and i love it granted the pay isnt that great but while everyone was losing their jobs i kept mine ill take secruity over money any day

  6. Peace out oil and gas biz, time to move on

  7. Anyone who is happy about this is a complete idiot. When gas prices go up all of the treehuggers and Liberal Democrat idiots better not complain. I would gladly work for Halliburton. Good pay and benefits.

    • Halliburton don’t pay for crap. There is plenty of other service companies around.

    • Amazing how people can post pure ignorance on here. Zero facts, just their opinion. I doubt any other companies will step up and take Halliburton’s place. Once the jobs are gone they are gone. There is no job fairy giving out money once Halliburton is gone.

    • Yeah been there done that. Halliburton doesn’t pay good at all. And that’s a fact…

    • So I work for Halliburton! The pay is decent, my hitch rotation is good, and my benefits are awesome. But most importantly I am happy!

    • They don’t pay crap! Small companies have less overhead, less worker comp claims, etc. my company is doing great here in southern indiana. Maybe they’re not profitable because of all the employee benifits. Heath insurance is dumb. Breaking the large companies!

    • There are lots and lots of people retired from haliberton that says somthing for the company They were never my choise for a employer but ive worked with there crews a lot and like all companies good and bad crews it is what you make of it

    • Since when does natural gas have anything to do with gas prices? Lmfao

    • They built a new yard. I would rather my husband make great money, with amazing benefits and be happy and secure, rather then make amazing money with mediocre of any benefits at some fly by night company.

    • They offered me $12 a hour starting off. No thanks.

    • Justin Davis yea that $12 is starting off with in 9 months I’m already $15.95 an hour. You have to start somewhere, you can’t expect to make a lot of money in the beginning. Hell I get 180 hour paychecks, do the math! Plus my benefits for medical, dental and vision is only $26 a month. Halliburton is a great company to work for!

    • Justin Davis that should tell you that you need more skills. What makes you think you are worth more?


  9. Dang that sucks. Glad tx is still turning to the right .

  10. And another motor grinds to a stop Mr Gult.

  11. Well I am glad I got away from them

  12. I work in pa in oilfield it I know of some companies just got permits and others applying for them ..

    Fyi. Halliburton is not a oil company it a oilfield services company. ..js idiots

  13. The TPP is going to put all of this over seas

  14. Get the non union company out of p.a.

  15. They move operations closer to there customers and government freaks out. Ooooo that’s right, government doesn’t have to make decisions that’s best for customers and there business, they just raise taxes on the sheep!

  16. Yeah I guess they are moving that yard over here to Zanesville. I can spit on that yard from my back yard Haha even though they are our competitors I still welcome them!

  17. Read the article!! This kind of thing happens everywhere and not just in this particular industry!! Besides, Halliburton lied to the elected officials about the rumors of them leaving which was wrong of them to do!!

    • It’s a publicly traded company. It’s against the law to release(unofficial) information about the companies potential plans.

      That’s considered “insider trading”.

  18. They closed the Weston,Wv yard a cpl yrs back after being here since the mid to late 60s

  19. I work for Haliburton in Oklahoma and they are a very good company employs more Americans than any of the others

  20. I’ve been in the oilfield for over 40 yrs and have seen a lot of these little little companies you haters work for go under so when Haliburton starts shutting doors on certain yards get ready your company may be getting ready to go belly up I hope not for your sake

  21. I wonder who’s next??

  22. I’m shedding little sad tears…not

  23. Nothing unusual here. They are shutting down and moving closer to southern part where the bulk of their customers are at.

  24. All you democrat haters and liberal haters get their wish and the jobs that go with it. Go get a job at Walmart now lol

  25. I have worked out of this yard in Homercity Pa when I was up there with special services and it’s crazy this is happening, this yard was always so congested hard to think its closing.

  26. Halliburton and schlumberger will be the last service company’s to go under.

  27. Halliburton is the largest service company in the oil industry. That fact they decided to close this location means the company is doing what it needs to do to better serve there customer. Sad part of any company relocating is the little guy always pays the price

  28. It’s not closing because of bad business, it’s closing because Halliburton built a super camp in Zanesville, Ohio and all the work Homer City was doing is going to be split between Muncy, Pa and Zanesville, Ohio.

  29. I respect any body else’s opinion, I have work with small and big companies. Slb and Halliburton are universities when it comes to oil and gas services knowledge and you learn to do your job in a safe manner.. I have seen some small companies trying to cut corners in different situations, but like myself a lot of people are getting laid off from good paying jobs and it sucks at this time when there is a lot of oil in the market. Cycle of life….

  30. I just got hired by halliburton

    • Good luck. Make sure your ready to be laid off after 8 1/2 years of hard dedicated work unexpectedly. Here’s a hint for you to keep your job there that I didn’t do. Suck-up and talk behind others backs, throw people under the bus for mistakes you made not the actual person that your throwing under. And oh yah. The more you screw up the quicker you move up at Big Red.
      PS. Sorry for swearing. ?

  31. There are still several yards in Pa. Just saying! Do some more research I work for Halliburton

  32. Better trade my Hal shares if this is true

  33. Halliburton has been pretty smart through these hard times not having to decrease the work force as much as some of the smaller companies. Gotta appreciate a strategic company

  34. Hang in there. I went through this in the 80’s. Those who are oil field are prepared. Those who are after the quick buck will vanish. Call it a purging of the oil patch, if you will.

  35. Kennith Texas will always turn to the right. If there is a vacant lot and a Kelly rig left cockroaches will be digging that hole in the future.

  36. U should have not put all ur money n the dam eagle ford the man that started Halliburton would have started slow , wish I could help u boys out call me

  37. A lot of the people in Pa didn’t want the oilfield there.

  38. Ya because they bought baker houghs

  39. Big deal. Been there, done that, and I’m glad I moved on. I feel for the people whom depended on that camp that I’ve known but hopefully they can take this opportunity to do better for themselves

  40. They just built and closed there facilities in Minot, ND

  41. Halliburton … never heard of her

  42. We watched them do this crap in south Texas, when they opened up the yard in San Antonio

  43. Shut down all HWO/snubbing GOM

  44. Who’s buying Halliburton out Dave Morris?

  45. Listen you guys are missing the big picture here .
    Do you even know why Halliburton moved to Ohio ?
    Yes it was because of the Utica shale but I work on the rigs and right before the prices of oil fell through the floor the company I work for was going to be sending rigs to eastern Ky southern Indiana and Illinois.
    There was a shale found in eastern Ky and it went into southern Indiana and south eastern Illinois. Biut Illinois had a beautiful show of oil and there were some companies started to buy leases big time in Illinois but as luck would have it the oil price fell

  46. Phillip Matteson does this effect you?

  47. What kinda money does Haliburton pay

    • Halliburton in Colorado starts out operators at 13.50$ it’ll take you 3-4years to get to about 20$. 8yrs to get to 25$ or so. Unless you are a good management suck-up.

  48. The site in Zanesville a decent size facility. Ive been there almost 3 yrs doing construction and I am union.

  49. Any jobs in Pa or Ohio available? I got laid off from Halliburton in feb still praying things pick back up.

  50. Joe Vega Where will you be located?

  51. Just splitting up the camp, employees an all. I work in muncy pa for Halliburton cement an we have been busy for a while. Not worried a bit

  52. Lufkin Industries here in Lufkin Texas has turned in to a sorry company to work for especially since GE bought them out!

  53. They left PA cause of the fear of Tom “Taxman” Wolf taxing them to death.

  54. Silly people I’ve been thru the boom and bust in the 70s early 80s it’s like I told my co-workers at Halliburton it won’t last forever save your money nothing last forever

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