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O&G trade association president says it’s time to fight back

Ohio Oil and Gas Trade Association (OOGA) President David Hill is encouraging his members to “fight back against” what he believes to be an incredible about of misinformation.

Hill’s issue, and own opinion, is there seems to be a lot of misinformation regarding the industry being fed to the public and the Ohio Oil and Gas Trade Association is doing nothing to “combat it.”  His concerns are not any different than most.  However, according to the Columbus Business First, Hill does have a major issue with the industry regarding the denial of the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline system.

In the OOGA’s June edition of its monthly magazine, Hill commented that due to President Barack Obama’s refusal of the pipeline there will fewer energy jobs and the potential for more oil train accidents.  He wrote in the magazine, “Opponents of the Keystone Pipeline have blood on their hands.”

Even without the Keystone, Hill says Canadian oil will make it to the market somehow and of all the ways to transport oil, by pipeline is the safest option.  Hill reminded us all of the tragic Quebec accident:

Remember the horrific accident in Quebec? Forty-seven people died. If that crude oil was being pipelined out of there, that could have been averted. I’m going to stick to my guns – it is a much more dangerous prospect to move crude oil by truck or rail than by pipeline … And the people that are stopping it need to be held responsible. You’re causing this.

To read the Columbus Business First’s entire article regard OOGA President Hill and his stand on the Keystone, click here.


  1. Just say no to the pipeline as it is a job killer not a job creator.

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