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Pothole: the scourge of Market Street

A hole in the road on south Market Street in Odessa has become more of a pond than a pothole over the last seven years. News West 9 reports that the pothole, which covers the whole road, has been a frustrating obstacle for area motorists and nearby business owners.

“It’s a pothole, but it’s more like a crater in the middle of the street,” Com-Pac Systems Inc. Office Manager Leah Braun told NewsWest. “We call it a pond. It’s got algae in it and it may even have fish, I don’t know.”

The road-crater is particularly frustrating for drivers of semi-trucks, who have to exit the roadway into nearby parking lots in order to avoid the pit, which employees worry will cause accidents. So far, nearby businesses say, repairs have only been temporary and easily washed away by rain.

“It gets worse and worse,” said Steve Young, Branch Manager of nearby Canary LLC. “They’ll come out and they’ll throw some asphalt down and they run off.”

Despite the TxDOT approving $22.8 million worth of road improvement projects in the Odessa District, the pothole was not among the six projects scheduled. County officials said that they are currently short-handed but working to seal-coat the roads. They say they get at least ten complaints about the pothole every day, and even more when it rains.

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