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Employees in well-known oil and gas companies rake in big profits

Often times, employees cost companies a lot of money. Their benefits are so expensive. Someone gets diagnosed with cancer. A female employee is pregnant. Life is just too darn expensive. It interferes with the company’s bottom line. However, is this ever not the case? In the end, aren’t employees making their employers money?

Yes, they are.  When it comes to the oil and gas industry, it’s easy to see how the tables are turned. In fact, some well-known oil and gas companies report making hundreds of thousands of dollars per employee.

As reported by Fuelfix, in 2014 Researchers from FindTheCompany surveyed companies on the S&P 500 calculating how much the companies make per employee. Fourteen out of the top 25, with the highest profit margin per employee, were oil and gas production and exploration companies. Other industries represented were credit card, biotech and technology.

Here are the top 14 oil and gas companies who make brilliant use of their talent.

Oil Companies Profit per Employee
1. EOG Resources Inc. $971,829


2. Marathon Oil Corp


3. Hess Corp.


4. Newfield Exploration Co.


5. Range Resources Corp.


6. Murphy Oil Group


7. Cimarex Energy Co.


8. Exxon Mobil Corp.


9. Noble Energy Inc.


10. Chesapeake Energy Corp.


11. Valero Energy Corp.


12. ConocoPhillips


13. Williams Cos.


14. Philips 66



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