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Michigan State University's campus power plant now coal-free
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Michigan State University’s campus power plant now coal-free

EAST LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan State University is no longer burning coal at the power plant on its East Lansing campus.

The school is now using only natural gas and says Tuesday that all of its remaining coal reserves have been burned at the T.B. Simon Power Plant, which generates steam for heating and electrical power.

Emissions from the plant are expected to be reduced by about 32 percent.

The move is part of the university’s Energy Transition Plan which provides a framework for Michigan State’s energy decisions.

The university announced plans last year to phase out coal use at the plant on the south end of campus. About 8,000 tons of remaining coal has been exhausted.

Upward of 250,000 tons of coal had been burned there annually.

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