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This photo shows the Oloibiri well where oil was first discovered in commercial quantities in Nigeria - about 60 years ago. In a way, this place marked the beginning of modern Nigeria, where fighting over oil production and the wealth it produces is now common and often violent. Photo: Jeremy Weate, Flickr.

Militants blast pipeline; 1st attack in Nigeria’s southwest

WARRI, Nigeria (AP) — Police say oil militants have blown up a state-owned gas pipeline in the first such attack reported in Nigeria’s southwest.

Oil militants have slashed Nigerian oil production with attacks this year on installations in the south. They seek a greater share of profits for residents who have lost livelihoods to industry pollution that has destroyed agriculture and fishing grounds.

Deputy Superintendent Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the police spokesman for Ogun state, told The Associated Press on Thursday that “hoodlums” pretending to carry out repairs planted dynamite that blew up a major gas pipeline of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corp. overnight.

Disruptions to gas used to generate power have compounded Nigeria’s chronic electricity shortages.

No group immediately claimed the attack. The government is trying to negotiate with the oil militants.


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