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Can a protest against oil happen without oil?

Protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline continue to mount, causing work stoppages both in southern North Dakota near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation as well as in Iowa. Today, the  Iowa Utilities Board ordered a work stoppage around the property of 15 landowners to give the board time to review legal issues. Landowners argue against “forced condemnation of farmland for a privately owned pipeline project under eminent domain laws.”

In North Dakota, the protests have gained momentum, even attracting the attention Hollywood stars Shailene Woodley and Susan Sarandon. Yesterday, a report from MintPress News that supplies and drinking water were removed from the protest site has fueled the fire across the Internet. The article stated that the North Dakota Division Homeland Security Division removed water tanks from the protest site on Monday afternoon, with Director Greg Wilz claiming “the removal was based on alleged unlawful activity” and that the equipment wasn’t secure.

However, there are always two sides to the story. Not everyone is in favor of stopping construction of the Dakota Access. Some supporters cite safer oil transport over transport by rail. Others just support the petroleum industry and its economic benefits. Bakken Backers, a North Dakota coalition that supports the oil industry in North Dakota, submitted this video Tuesday, showing why they believe protesters need the Dakota Access. They asked the question: Can a protest against oil happen without oil? You can view the video on Facebook and make your own conclusions about the Dakota Access.

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