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Uber, Pennsylvania
Driving through Pennsylvania. Photo: Jeremy Buckingham via Flickr.

Pennsylvania reinstates $11M fine against Uber after appeal

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania utility regulators reconsidered — and then reinstated — a record-setting $11.4 million fine imposed on ride-hailing company Uber, which says it’ll go to court to challenge it.

Thursday’s 4-1 vote by the Public Utility Commission comes four months after the original vote to fine San Francisco-based Uber for operating in Pennsylvania for six months in 2014 without approval.

Commissioners had criticized Uber for continuing to operate for a month after being issued a cease-and-desist order and for what were described as obstructive actions during the agency’s investigation. Uber calls the fine absurd.

Uber appealed the original fine, while top state officials had urged the commission to reduce it. The commission agreed in June to reconsider it.

A pair of administrative law judges last year recommended a $50 million fine.


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