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rig count, Baker Hughes
The Baker Hughes rig count was up 12 this week to 569. Photo: Pixabay.

Still a seesaw: rig count up, oil futures down

We report the Baker Hughes rig count every week, and typically we find straightforward numbers from sources such as the Associated Press. But today, we bring you a snippet from OilPrice.com’s article. The description is absolutely priceless.

For the oil markets, this week has been nothing short of a Tea Cup ride at some rinky-dink traveling fair, operated by some suspect toothless man wearing overalls with a pocketful of Wild Turkey. And what better way to round out the oil industry’s week by yet another industry report that has the power to send markets spinning for one more round.

And so it has. Baker Hughes today reported a 12-site increase in the oil and gas rig count, bringing the total number of active rigs to 569. Oil accounted for most of the gains, with a 9-site increase, with the number of gas rigs increasing by 3.

Skepticism about OPEC production cuts produced a drop in the price of WTI, which fell Friday to $43.99 just before the markets closed.

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