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Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is under consideration for Secretary of Energy.

Palin over Hamm for Energy Secretary?

Oil and gas website The Surge threw around the idea of Sarah Palin as energy secretary. Last week, we touched on the notion of Harold Hamm, CEO of Continental Resources and the “fracking king” of oil and gas taking the post. And while Sarah Palin might have been governor of one of the biggest oil producing states, she said her first objective would be to get rid of the department.

According to Sarah, the first thing she would do as head of the Department of Energy would be to get rid of it. Huh? I’ve heard of the phrase “physician, heal thyself” but never “Cabinet member, fire thyself”.

Palin believes her skills are in line with the needs of the department. Rigzone reports:

Eight years ago when Palin was running for vice president, her mantra on the road was, “Drill, baby, drill.” Although it was unsuccessful in 2008, Trump’s victory has revived those who voice the conviction.

It does seem, in fact, that Trump’s administration will strongly support policies that encourage an increase in drilling, removing many of the regulations that industry folks say get in the way of successful and productive operations.

But abandoning all energy regulations isn’t necessarily the panacea that some argue, said Ed Hirs, economics fellow at the University of Houston.

“The industry doesn’t go out and deliberately blow regulations,” Hirs said. “What sort of regulations are going to be necessary to remove? What are you going to do – let people who are stoned get on the rigs? You’re going to let guys who are stoned and drunk handle $28 million rigs drilling $8 million wells? I don’t think so. You’re not going to relax all of those regulations.”



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