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Violence continues in eastern Ukraine as Obama pledges military support to Europe (VIDEOS)

By John Deede, Shale Plays Media | Google+

Fighting is ongoing in eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russia forces attacked several Ukrainian army units. Meanwhile, President Barack Obama has pledged a billion dollars on Tuesday to boost U.S. military presence in Europe in an attempt to stem Russia’s potential expansion west and reassure allies.

Ukraine’s military has been trying to eradicate pro-Russia forces in its eastern cities, where a greater proportion of the population speaks Russian and are sympathetic towards Russia. According to Bloomberg, at least 181 people have died since the beginning of the conflict. In the eastern city of Luhansk, overnight fighting Tuesday resulted in two casualties and numerous injuries. Bloomberg reports:

In Ukraine’s troubled east, the National Guard said one of its units was attacked in Luhansk overnight in a 10-hour fight that involved machine guns, mortars and grenade launchers. Six militants were killed, it said on its website.

Insurgents killed two soldiers, wounded at least 42 more and shot down two helicopters in the mainly Russian-speaking eastern regions yesterday, Vladyslav Seleznyov, a military spokesman, said by phone. A large number of rebels were killed in Luhansk, acting President Oleksandr Turchynov said, ordering the cabinet to consider imposing martial law.

Itar-Tass reports on the conflict:

People’s militia in the city of Sloviansk, east Ukraine’s Donetsk Region, have downed a fighter plane Su-25 and a Ukrainian helicopter gunship as well as four armored personnel carriers (APC), Sloviansk People’s Mayor Vyacheslav Ponomarev told ITAR-TASS on Tuesday.

Ukraine’s military has amassed armored vehicles and self-propelled mortars and howitzers near the town of Sloviansk, Stella Khorosheva, spokeswoman for the Sloviansk people’s mayor, told ITAR-TASS on Tuesday.

The military equipment numbering 100 units includes Grad salvo systems, Khorosheva said.

An An-30 plane has been sighted over Sloviansk, making periodic flyovers. According to Khorosheva, clashes began at around 6.00 am local time on Tuesday.

“A report said that Ukrainian troops had broken through in the area of the village of Semyonovka,” she said, adding that Ukraine’s National Guard was using tanks.

“It looks like they’ve brought here all their army and (military) equipment,” she said.

Earlier, a people’s militia representative told ITAR-TASS that Ukrainian military aircraft had delivered several missile strikes at Semyonovka and that the village of Cherevkovka had come under missile and machine-gun fire as well.

“There have been no casualty reports yet, because everybody is holding the line or is in shelter,” the militia representative said.

Here is a video allegedly showing a Ukrainian fighter jet firing on its own people (WARNING: Extremely loud explosion). Crane your neck left to watch:

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And here, showing the same strike followed by aftermath:

This video shows two helicopters engaging ground forces in Slavyansk, eastern Ukraine:
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