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North Dakota: Death Trap?

For the third year in a row, people died on the job in North Dakota than any other state in2015, The Guardian reports. According to an annual report from union federation AFL-CIO, 14.9 fatalities occurred per 100,000 workers—four times the national average and double the amount of work-related deaths in 2007. The death toll is especially concentrated in the energy ...

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Recent oil train crashes in the US and Canada

Sweeping regulations to boost the safety of trains transporting crude oil, ethanol and other flammable liquids were announced Friday by U.S. and Canadian officials. The long-awaited regulations are a response to a series of oil train accidents in both countries over the last few years that have resulted in spectacular fires that burned for days. Here are some of those ...

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US, Canada agree on new standards for railroad oil tankers

oil transporting

PITTSBURGH – The U.S. and Canada on Friday announced regulations that would phase out or strengthen the railroad oil tankers involved in several recent explosions by 2020. The regulations impose enhanced design standards for tankers built after Oct. 1 and establish a schedule for retrofitting or eliminating existing tankers. They also require enhanced braking systems that U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony ...

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Fee proposed on rail cars that haul oil, other flammables

BILLINGS, Mont. — U.S. senators from six states on Thursday proposed that the government charge companies a special fee to ship oil, ethanol and other flammable liquids in older railroad tank cars that have been involved in fiery explosions. The fee would start at $175 and increase to $1,400 per car by 2018. It would raise an estimated $600 million ...

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Timnath invests in O&G research

Earlier this year, parents of students at Bethke Elementary in Timnath protested pending oil and gas permits within 2,000 feet of the school. Scientists were unable to give them a clear answer about how production in such close proximity may affect the children’s health. “What happens if five to 10 years from now we have increased cancer, birth defects and ...

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U.S. safety watchdog’s oil train plan ‘infeasible’ – refiners

WASHINGTON – The leading voice for the refining sector on Thursday said it was not realistic for U.S. regulators to expect existing oil train tankers to be retired within five years, and sought a meeting with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). “The emphasis on tank car modifications through an overly aggressive and infeasible retrofit schedule creates the incorrect perception ...

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Massive scrubber at HollyFrontier will cut pollution, stench

CHEYENNE — A massive new piece of equipment that will change the Capital City’s skyline will start operating later this year at the HollyFrontier refinery. The $30 million wet Belco Scrubber, which will reduce air pollution and odor, is expected to start operating in September. It “will dramatically improve the airHollyFrontier refinery. emissions from the refinery and reduce our environmental ...

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Wyoming’s smog problem

Who’s got the smog? According to a report from the American Lung Association, western states do, particularly Wyoming. According to Wyoming Public Media, the association’s State of the Air report noted Wyoming’s Upper Green River Basin, where oil and gas development, wildfires and drought feed into the area’s troubling air quality. The study evaluated data from 2011 to 2013—a time ...

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U.S. and Canada ready with oil train safety plan

WASHINGTON – The United States and Canada are expected to present a cross-border plan on Friday to make oil train deliveries safer. For a link to U.S. enforcement actions concerning oil trains, click here. Below is a list of major oil train concerns, past efforts to fix the problem and final measures expected to be announced on Friday. TANK CAR ...

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