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Analysis: Turf wars steal spotlight from Louisiana coastal issue

Louisiana, coastal wetlands, coastal loss

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — When a south Louisiana flood board and a few coastal parishes took oil and gas companies to court over coastal wetland loss it looked like a new chapter might be opening in Louisiana: government agencies taking political risks to hold a major industry accountable for environmental damage. Fans of old fashioned Louisiana politics can take heart, ...

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Where They Stand: Bobby Jindal on issues of 2016 campaign

BATON ROUGE, La. — Where two-term Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal stands on various issues that will be debated in the Republican presidential campaign: IMMIGRATION Jindal has expressed support for giving people who are in the country illegally a way to gain legal status through guest-workers visas — once the border is secure. With the same prerequisite of a secure border, ...

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Judge: Oil, gas firms not liable for La. coastal erosion

NEW ORLEANS — A federal judge has dismissed a New Orleans-area levee authority’s lawsuit charging oil and gas companies with destroying Louisiana’s coastal wetlands. The lawsuit was filed by the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East in 2013 against nearly 100 oil and gas companies over damage they allegedly caused to Louisiana’s wetlands. The authority is one of two regional boards ...

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Jindal’s legacy lawsuit law to get appeal in La. supreme court

Governor Bobby Jindal’s law which was meant to bar the legacy lawsuit against more than 80 oil and gas companies will have its time in the Louisiana Supreme Court. Act 544, put forth by Jindal last year, was ruled unconstitutional by 19th Judicial District Court Judge Janice Clark on December 3, 2014. Now Attorney Jimmy Faircloth has filed for an ...

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Honeywell completes $33M expansion in Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, La. — A $33 million modernization project at Honeywell’s chemical and refrigerant gases manufacturing facility in Baton Rouge has been completed. Gov. Bobby Jindal and Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies President and CEO Darius Adamczyk announced the completion Monday. The project extended the life of Honeywell’s existing facility, retaining 200 jobs and creating 11 new ones with an ...

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Arguments set on law to kill ‘Big Oil’ lawsuit

NEW ORLEANS — More arguments are set in federal court over attempts by state lawmakers to kill a southeast Louisiana flood board’s lawsuit against dozens of oil, gas and pipeline companies. Backers of the lawsuit were set to argue Wednesday that a law passed this year to retroactively kill such lawsuits was so badly drafted that it can’t be applied ...

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La. parishes could struggle to meet tough ozone levels

BATON ROUGE, La. — Not much will change for the five-parish Baton Rouge area if a proposed new, tougher ozone standard announced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in late November is adopted. The EPA proposed a new rule that would lower the ozone standard from 75 parts per billion to between 65 ppb and 70 ppb. The Advocate reports industry ...

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Analysis: ‘Big Oil’ suit survives, so far

pump jacks

NEW ORLEANS — Facing opposition from a powerful industry, the governor and many in the Legislature, a New Orleans-area flood board’s lawsuit against dozens of oil, gas and pipeline companies seemed doomed early on. But that was roughly 15,000 billable hours ago. That ever-growing number means ever-increasing pressure on opponents of the lawsuit, filed in the summer of 2013, to ...

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After Keystone, Landrieu faces tougher re-election

BATON ROUGE, La. — A failed effort to push approval of the Keystone XL pipeline through Congress behind her, Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu now faces an even greater challenge to win a runoff election next month. After narrowly leading the field on Nov. 4 as her party lost control of the Senate, Landrieu had pinned her bid for re-election on ...

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Could Louisiana’s budget take a hit in oil price slump?


Even though it’s good for drivers across the nation, Louisiana could suffer from the sudden drop in oil prices. The energy industry has always been central to Louisiana’s economy, but Light Louisiana Sweet crude oil has dropped in price along with the industry’s falling values. According to Mark Ballard for The Advocate, Light Louisiana Sweet’s value dropped almost 26 percent ...

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