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The safety profession from the inside

Part teacher, part enforcer, part shepherd tending the flock — the safety professional in your life plays many roles and shoulders massive responsibilities. Who is that person and why did they enter the Health & Safety field?  Let’s take a closer at the person under the yellow hard hat.  The Calling to be a Safety Professional? Why does someone dedicate ...

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Recipe for an accident

I still believe my mom has the best recipe for banana bread.  “The secret…” she told me, “…is in adding an extra banana.”  As safety professionals, our focus is on accident prevention, and that’s where it should be.  However, coming at it from a different angle can shed some light and reveal unseen causes. Let’s examine the “ingredients” that go ...

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Tribal representative resigns due to lack of communication with Wyo. officials

By Zach Koppang | Shale Plays Media As a result of growing tension between members of the Eastern Shoshone tribe and the state of Wyoming, tribal liaison Sara Robinson has announced that she will be resigning her role as representative to state offices. In ongoing coverage, The Wyoming Star-Tribune reports that the resignation is a consequence of concerns regarding ongoing ...

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