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Two new reports shed light on fracking in California

Western San Joaquin Valley. By Downtowngal (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

SACRAMENTO – Two highly anticipated reports on hydraulic fracturing in California were released on Wednesday, with one discounting environmentalists’ fears that a fracking boom is imminent and the other suggesting that fracking being conducted in Ventura County’s Sespe oil field is creating environmental risks. A draft environmental impact report on the practice of hydraulic fracturing examines impacts on three specific ...

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California strives to take lead in overseeing fracking

Oil well pump jacks at the Lost Hills Oil Field in central California. (Photo: Richard Masoner via flickr)

SACRAMENTO — Final regulations are now in place to establish what will become the most comprehensive state oversight of hydraulic fracturing in the nation, but two key parts of California’s landmark 2013 law remain unfinished. The regulations were certified by the Office of Administrative Law on New Year’s Eve, beating the law’s Jan. 1 deadline by hours. But an independent ...

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Austin’s Omni Water Solutions wraps up $5 million funding for expansion

An Austin company that sells water treatment technology for use in fracking operations is wrapping up a new $5 million round of funding. Omni Water Solutions will use the funding to expand its product line and establish new partnerships. The company’s technology lets oil companies recycle millions of gallons of water used in hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. The company also ...

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Miami University study links earthquakes and drilling, suggests partnership to detect fault lines

Red graph with marker isolated on white

Increased monitoring of seismic activity could help prevent earthquakes near hydraulic fracturing sites, which can upset unknown fault lines underground, say the authors of a study that finds a link between earthquakes and drilling. The results of the study, which will be released Tuesday, link fracking along an unknown fault line to a rare 3.0-magnitude earthquake in Poland Township, Ohio, ...

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EDITORIAL: New York’s fearful ban on hydraulic fracking

ban against fracking

The state of New York has ended its six-year-old temporary moratorium on hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas drilling in shale formations by implementing an outright ban on the practice. It’s a shame for landowners in the Southern Tier of the state who would benefit from royalty revenues, workers who would get good-paying jobs and citizens across the country who ...

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Infrastructure is moving in

Even though the price of gas has slowed the growth of the natural gas industry, production in Pennsylvania is moving right along and continues to break records, said the President of the Marcellus Shale Coalition David Spigelmyer. Wells are producing more with the help of hydraulic fracturing, a method that uses high-pressure liquid to break through the underground rock formations ...

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Majority of Americans support alternative energy, nearly half oblivious to oil boom

As America continues its domestic energy growth, the collective opinion in the U.S. is still in favor of developing alternative energy sources to traditional fossil fuels. When asked to prioritize energy development, recently surveyed Americans were twice as likely to place alternative energy expansion in front of exploration and production of oil, coal and natural gas (60 percent to 30 ...

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Reliable alternative to water could ease economic, environmental issues for gas drillers

fracking fluid

Some regulators and researchers see it as the shale gas industry’s version of the Holy Grail. Finding a viable alternative to the millions of gallons of water that companies use during hydraulic fracturing could remove some of the industry’s most serious environmental challenges. “There’s a potential for a radical reduction in a lot of impacts and issues if we found ...

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Work continues on fracking proposal in St. Tammany

BATON ROUGE, La. — Helis Oil & Gas Co., which received a permit from the state last week to drill a vertical well as a first step toward fracking in St. Tammany Parish, is now working to get a wetlands permit. The permit is needed to place a drilling pad on a 3.2-acre site that is 91 percent wetlands. Earlier ...

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