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ISIS grabs oil and gas fields in Syria and Iraq, but challenges remain


Mazin Sidahmed | The Lebanon Daily Star BEIRUT — As militants from ISIS establish themselves as the dominant force in the fight for oil and gas resources among rebel factions within Syria and Iraq, they are reaping windfall profits — and confronting a series of constraints on their newly gained wealth, experts say. ISIS has consolidated control over several oil ...

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Q&A: Oil and gas’ impact on Weld County challenging, but not crippling

Sharon Dunn | the Greeley Tribune (Greeley, Colo.) It’s always a good thing when properties sell. A vacant building gets a new use, and it spurs further development. But when a building recently sold that was one of three remaining in Weld County with more than 100,000 square feet, development officials were left wringing their hands. It was an especially difficult ...

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Poll: Californians support global warming rules – unless gas prices rise

Dan Smith | Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, Calif.) Californians continue to strongly support their state’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gases — until they find out it involves higher gasoline prices, according to a new poll released Wednesday. The Public Policy Institute of California’s annual environmental survey also found majorities oppose the greater use of fracking for oil exploration (54 percent), increased offshore ...

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‘Saltwater’ from fracking spill much different from ocean water

Lisa Song | InsideClimate News In early July, a million gallons of salty drilling waste spilled from a pipeline onto a steep hillside in western North Dakota’s Fort Berthold Reservation. The waste – a byproduct of oil and gas production – has now reached a tributary of Lake Sakakawea, which provides drinking water to the reservation. The oil industry called the ...

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South Portland to seek funds for legal battle on tar sands ban


Leslie Bridgers | Portland Press-Herald South Portland plans to solicit donations from U.S. and Canadian environmental groups to help cover the cost of an anticipated legal battle with members of the oil industry in response to the City Council vote Monday to prevent the export of tar sands oil from its port. South Portland Mayor Jerry Jalbert talked about the ...

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Greeley Colo. businesswoman finds design niche in oil industry

Sharon Dunn | The Greeley Tribune, Colo. In three short years, Jhenna Reed has taken her degree in graphic design from a basement office to a half-million company as the oil and gas industry continues to boom in Weld County. Reed, 31, started Reedesign Concepts in 2011, designing logos, signage, brochures, you name it, to print on anything printable, and ...

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Maine town fights plan to use pipeline to export oil sands crude

McClatchy/Tribune SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine — Tom Blake, like thousands of his neighbors in this coastal town, is used to living alongside the oil industry. Tank farms cluster in neighborhoods, by the park where families watch the movie “Frozen” on a summer night, next to schools and senior citizens apartment buildings. As a child, Blake, the town’s former mayor, used to ...

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Obama opens Eastern Seaboard to oil exploration

Jason Dearen ST. AUGUSTINE BEACH, Fla. (AP) — The Obama administration is reopening the Eastern Seaboard to offshore oil and gas exploration, announcing final approval Friday of sonic cannons that can pinpoint energy deposits deep beneath the ocean floor. The decision promises to create plenty of jobs and thrills the oil industry, but dismays environmentalists worried about the immediate impact ...

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Experts: Fracking has potential in San Joaquin Valley

Western San Joaquin Valley. By Downtowngal (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

Reed Fujii | The Record (Stockton, Calif.) STOCKTON — Fracking, the practice of fracturing underground rock formations to tap previously unrecoverable troves of oil and natural gas, holds huge potential for the San Joaquin Valley, a panel of experts said Thursday. But that potential may still be years in the future, as fracking has proved less effective in California’s complex geology ...

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