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In governor’s race, Cole misses straight-ticket tie to Trump

West Virginia State capitol building in Charleston. (Image: Noel Benadom via Flickr)

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — West Virginia’s Republican candidate for governor admits he didn’t help himself by ending straight-ticket voting, which could have let him ride Donald Trump’s coattails into office in a state where the GOP presidential nominee remains popular. As the state Senate’s new president two years ago, following eight decades of Democratic control, Bill Cole made the bill ...

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House mulling tax increases amid record $1.3B shortfall


OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — With just three weeks left in the legislative session, Republican House leaders this week acknowledged they will consider increased taxes on fuel, services, alcohol and cigarettes as potential options for closing a $1.3 billion hole in the state budget. House Speaker Jeff Hickman said those tax proposals, along with the elimination of tens of millions of ...

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Energy bill passes Oregon House as bill readings delay Legislature

Energy bill passes Oregon House as bill readings delay Legislature

SALEM, Ore. — When the Oregon Legislature began its whirlwind 35-day session two weeks ago, Republicans employed a rarely-used tool to stall the legislative process. The issue centers around the fact that each bill is being read aloud in its entirety before lawmakers can cast votes, a constitutional requirement usually avoided on the first day of the session by a ...

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Trump and Sanders big winners, Kasich grabs second

Trump and Sanders big winners, riding voter frustration

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders rode a wave of voter frustration with American politics to commanding victories in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primaries, adding crucial credibility to their upstart candidacies. Sanders swept majorities of men, women, independents and young people in his win over Hillary Clinton, but faces challenges in the more diverse states that come ...

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GOP presidential candidates go their own way on climate change

Presidential candidates go their own way on climate change

A tale of environmental suspense unfolded throughout 2015: Would nations finally reach a global agreement to fight climate change? Record drought and heat, wildfires, Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment, President Obama’s Clean Power Plan and his photogenic trip to Arctic Alaska — all became plot points in the developing narrative. Then, on cue in the second week of December, ...

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Immigration fuels Cruz-Rubio Republican clash


MUSCATINE, Iowa — More than any other issue, immigration is driving the rivalry between Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, presidential rivals focusing on the divisive topic in their closing messages to Republican voters before the sprint to the Iowa caucuses. Cruz, a Texas senator and tea party firebrand, sees Rubio’s support for a more forgiving immigration policy as his greatest ...

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House Republican: funding bill lifts ban on crude oil exports

The U.S. Capitol dome and U.S. Senate (R) in Washington, August 2, 2011. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

WASHINGTON – U.S. House Republicans plan to file a government funding bill on Tuesday night that will include a provision lifting the U.S. ban on crude oil exports, congressman Reid Ribble said. “The oil export ban is lifted,” Ribble said. Ribble, a Wisconsin Republican, also said the spending bill will include tax credits for wind and solar power but they ...

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Wolf’s tax plan rejected

Getty Images via NewsCred

HARRISBURG — The Republican-controlled House has defeated Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s plan to raise taxes on workers and gas drillers to close the state’s budget deficit, put more money in classrooms and reduce local property taxes for some homeowners. The 127-73 vote was issued at about 3:20 p.m. today, more than six hours after debate began in the legislative chamber. ...

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Wolf reiterates need for tax increase to balance budget

Photo via Flickr

HARRISBURG — Gov. Tom Wolf said today that he considers the Republican plan to vote on his tax proposals this week as a legitimate exercise. “I’m taking it at face value,” the Democratic first-year governor told reporters at the governor’s residence. “I’m grateful that I’ve been given the chance to test this.” But even if the vote fails, he said, ...

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