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Proposition 7 and oil regulation topics at legislative forum

Legislators from across the state met in Lubbock on Wednesday to participate in a State Legislative Forum hosted by the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce. Whereas most legislative forums take part prior to legislative sessions, the discussions this time gave the legislators the opportunity to discuss some of the things they worked on that went into effect earlier this month. They ...

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Pothole: the scourge of Market Street

A hole in the road on south Market Street in Odessa has become more of a pond than a pothole over the last seven years. News West 9 reports that the pothole, which covers the whole road, has been a frustrating obstacle for area motorists and nearby business owners. “It’s a pothole, but it’s more like a crater in the ...

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TxDOT approves $22.8 million in roadway improvements

The Texas Transportation Commission approved six projects worth $22.8 million for the 12-county Odessa District, including two funded by Proposition 1, according to a Monday release from the Texas Department of Transportation. The six projects approved from the July bid openings are: — A project to resurface approximately 2.5 miles of West Loop 338 from Kermit Highway going north was ...

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More than $1.7B meant for Texas highway projects

Texas Highway

AUSTIN, Texas — More than $1.7 billion will be available for Texas highway projects after voters last month approved a constitutional amendment allowing more money for roads. The Texas Department of Transportation hasn’t identified specific projects that would be financed but instead offered guidelines. The Austin American-Statesman reports a legislative panel Thursday decided that the state Rainy Day fund’s minimum ...

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$69M for Odessa’s energy sector

Thursday the Texas Transportation Commission (TxDOT) signed off on several measures, including a measure that alloted $69 million in funding for the energy sector for the Odessa District. In October the TxDOT received the go-ahead from the Legislative Budget Board and Governor’s Office for $402 million in revenue from vehicle registration fees for important energy sector and safety projects. The ...

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Prop 1 gets TxDOT funding on right road


WICHITA FALLS, Texas — Proposition 1 is just the right engine to get Texas back on the road to fiscal responsibility, the area’s state legislators said Thursday. The proposition is up for voter consideration Friday, the last day of early voting, and Tuesday during the general election. The constitutional amendment, if passed, would divert a percentage of oil and gas ...

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EDITORIAL: Prop. 1 important for Texas highways

San Antonio Express-News SAN ANTONIO — Supporters of Proposition 1 are quick to acknowledge it does not fully address Texas’ transportation needs. But it is a critical step in the right direction, and voters should approve it. Proposition 1 would take half the state’s oil and gas production tax revenue that is directed to the state’s rainy day fund and ...

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Traffic deaths in the booming Permian Basin rose 50 percent

One recurring social consequence from areas affected by an oil boom is certainly traffic accidents. In Texas, places where oil and gas production are supreme means vehicle deaths are at an all-time high. The Houston Chronicle reports that deaths rose more than 50 percent in the West Texas counties located on the Permian Basin. According to the Chronicle, Texas has ...

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Seliger talks dark money at town hall meeting

Jared Anderson | Midland Reporter-Telegram State Sen. Kel Seliger, R-District 31, launched his monthlong tour of town hall meetings in Midland on Thursday, meeting and speaking with constituents in preparation for the 84th legislative session. Seliger’s speech before answering questions at Midland College touched on transportation funding — the topic of choice for frustrated politicians who witness firsthand the deterioration of ...

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TxDOT awards VIA millions for bus service improvements

Vianna Davila | San Antonio Express-News SAN ANTONIO — With a focus on easing traffic on some of the state’s most congested roads, the Texas Transportation Commission on Thursday doled out millions of dollars to public transit, including $35 million to VIA Metropolitan Transit. VIA says the money will go toward buses and bus facilities, including expansion of its compressed ...

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