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Managing fatigue to prevent injuries

Tired of hearing about fatigue management? We are a society of people that are constantly tired and stressed, and we struggle with making good decisions about our nutrition every day. Many of us are so accustomed to living with fatigue that it’s easy to overlook how it affects our safety consciousness and puts us and our co-workers at serious risk. ...

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Local business settles OSHA case

FORT EDWARD — A. Hyatt Ball Co. has reached a settlement with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration over 48 serious violations of federal workplace safety laws. The citations were issued in April, after an employee’s complaint resulted in an OSHA inspection of the company’s 1 School St. manufacturing facility. At last report, Hyatt Ball employed about seven people. The ...

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How a heart to heart with your boss could save your life

We’ve all played the “what if” game.  What if you were stranded on an island and had to choose one food item to eat for the rest of your life.  I’d like to challenge you to apply the “what if” scenario to safety.  Here’s the question:  “What if you had to pick just one word to describe the key to ...

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9 oil well deaths lead to warning about inhaling chemicals

DENVER — Federal officials are warning about the dangers of inhaling chemicals at oil wells following the deaths of nine workers over the last five years. All of the deaths involved workers at crude production tanks. Colorado and North Dakota each had three deaths and Texas, Oklahoma and Montana each had one death. The Denver Post reports that most were ...

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The safety profession from the inside

Part teacher, part enforcer, part shepherd tending the flock — the safety professional in your life plays many roles and shoulders massive responsibilities. Who is that person and why did they enter the Health & Safety field?  Let’s take a closer at the person under the yellow hard hat.  The Calling to be a Safety Professional? Why does someone dedicate ...

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Recipe for an accident

I still believe my mom has the best recipe for banana bread.  “The secret…” she told me, “…is in adding an extra banana.”  As safety professionals, our focus is on accident prevention, and that’s where it should be.  However, coming at it from a different angle can shed some light and reveal unseen causes. Let’s examine the “ingredients” that go ...

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A serious look at serious injuries and fatalities

oil workers

“At least we’ve never killed anybody.”  Is it luck, a solid safety system, low hazard work or a combination of all of those things?  Although the number of recordable incidents has been steadily going down across all industries, the number of serious injuries and fatalities (SIF) has increased.  Why? This trend doesn’t align itself with Heinrich’s triangle and his theory ...

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