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Tangipahoa Parish enacts more cautious water testing amidst fracking

Marissa Hall | Shale Plays Media

The concerns that residents of St. Tammany Parish have expressed regarding the effect of hydraulic fracking on their layer of drinking water has prompted neighboring Tangipahoa Parish to test its own water. Unlike St. Tammany, which has been adamantly fighting Helis Oil & Gas’ proposal to frack, Tangipahoa Parish has welcomed the oil and gas industry. Ashley Rodrigue for WWLTV reports:

Normally, the district tests water every month to monitor pH levels. The water is also given a chemical scan every three years as per DHH requirements.

But neither of those include a lookout for methane. So in May, the district began tests on about 10 wells across north Tangipahoa Parish just for methane. The wells are a mixture of district wells and municipalities, and the results are sent to a company that’s EPA-certified to find methane.

Thus far, only one of the wells tested has indicated minute amounts of methane. The parish has indicated that it will carry out these tests every six months for two years and maintain an annual test after that point.

See Rodrigue’s full article for all the details: Tangipahoa Parish starts testing water following fracking concerns in St. Tammany

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