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Oil rig worker to take on Chevron over injuries

Chevron will be heading to the courtroom over an accident on one of its Gulf of Mexico rigs last year.

The Southeast Texas Record reports that Kennedy Tasker, a Louisiana oil rig worker, has filed a lawsuit against the oil giant for an incident that took place on March 22, 2014. According to the suit filed in Galveston on March 13, 2015, Tasker suffered a multitude of injuries while cutting a pipe. He had been instructed to cut the pipe in the process of demolishing a fire hydrant on a fixed platform.

Tasker asserts that he was unaware the pipe was still filled with raw crude oil, which proceeded to coat him once he had puncture the pipe. To top it off, Tasker was then knocked down by heavy compressor clips. As a result, he sustained chemical burns to his skin and eyes, as well as back injuries.

Tasker’s suit argues that Chevron is liable for the damage, arguing that the company failed to properly train and supervise its employees, provide adequate safety equipment to rig employees, offer sufficient medical treatment, maintain work equipment, warn Tasker of danger and uphold a safe work environment.

Should the suit be ruled in favor of Tasker, he hopes to receive compensation for loss of earnings, medical expenses and attorney fees, among other costs. The worker argues that the incident incurred physical pain and disfigurement as well as mental anguish and impairment.

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