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Colorado commits to transparency this month

With two major accomplishments for Colorado’s oil and gas data tracking, May acts as somewhat of a milestone for both environmentalists and the energy industry within the state, Breaking Energy reports.

On the same day that state-run FracFocus launched its chemical disclosure database of about 100,000 wells throughout the state, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission issued their service to streamline the public’s complaints to the right department.

Once someone logs their complaint, it’s filed to the database along with a follow-up and resolution, if one was found. This record is available to the public for download, which may help citizens to hold the state accountable for resolving issues.

Colorado also blazes the trail of energy industry transparency as the first state to release Mechanical Integrity Testing, which helps determine if a well is leaking into groundwater. Pennsylvania will likely follow Colorado in this move, which Breaking Energy predicts will help researchers better understand why incidents like well leaks happen.


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