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pennsylvania drinking water tainted by oil and gas drilling

EPA: Fracking is safe for drinking water

The issue and large debate surrounding hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is whether or not it is safe for drinking water. Well, our questions have finally been answered thanks to a long awaited study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The EPA’s five year long study concluded that tracking, in most cases, is not harmful to drinking water.  However, the study did find that risks for contamination are greater in areas that have a scarce water supply.  As reported by Shale Plays Media, “Some of the notable possible examples where fracking could pose a threat highlighted from the analysis include: ‘water withdrawals in times of, or in areas with, low water availability; spills of hydraulic fracturing fluids and produced water; fracturing directly into underground drinking water resources; below ground migration of liquids and gases; and inadequate treatment and discharge of water.'”

The EPA’s study also found there have been instances where one or more mechanisms have affected drinking water resources, such as contaminated drinking wells.  However, these instances are very rare and the number of cases where something of the sort has occurred is much smaller that number of wells that have been drilled by fracking.

To read the entire article regarding the EPA’s fracking and drinking water study, click here.

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