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Study: New Mexico enjoys some of the lowest energy costs

The state of New Mexico has been a top-ranking contender on numerous lists: first in methane emissions, second in exports and now some of the cheapest power in the U.S., the Albuquerque Business Journal reports.

According to a study from personal finance website WalletHub, New Mexicans enjoy the third-cheapest electricity costs in the country, averaging around $87 per month. New Mexico also ranked in a the state with the 7th most affordable heating, which isn’t terribly surprising for one of the southern-most states in the U.S.

Other energy categories, however, earned that state a lesser ranking; New Mexico has the 44th most affordable auto fuel costs, to which residents’ generally higher-mileage commutes might contribute. The state also ranks as 27th most affordable for natural gas.

New Mexico’s neighboring states also ranked high within the study, with Colorado coming in second overall for affordable energy and Arizona ranking in 5th place. The study found that Wyoming and Connecticut were among the most expensive states to power, with the average energy bill exceeding $400 per month.

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