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Fracking foes sue Ohio elections chief over ballot ruling

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Residents of Fulton, Medina (meh-DY’-nuh) and Athens counties have sued Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted (HYOO’-sted) after he invalidated ballot proposals related to the oil-and-gas drilling technique of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund helped the residents file suit Wednesday in the Ohio Supreme Court.

They’re challenging Husted’s decision to remove from Nov. 3 ballots a series of “community rights county charters” that contain bans on fracking-related infrastructure projects. Those include injection wells for disposing of wastewater created in the fracking process.

Responding to protests lodged against the measures, Husted said each proposal tried to circumvent state law in a way that courts have ruled violates the Ohio Constitution.

The suit alleges he violated residents’ guaranteed right to initiative.

Husted’s office had no immediate comment.

In related news, Ohio elections chief rules against fracking proposals.

This article was written by Julie Carr Smyth from The Associated Press and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.


  1. When scientific evidence doesn’t invalidates your political beliefs just got get a lawyer…the American way..sad.

  2. F**k the people who protest it frac on boys frac on

  3. Wells have been fracked in southeastern ohio for over 70 years , hasn’t hurt a thing !! But it has provided a lot of gas for heating homes , oil , grease, gasoline , for all types of machinery , and all other things made from oil !!! People who are against facing should have all of this taken away ,, see how they survive with out it !!!

    • This ain’t your grandpa’s frac. Frac-ing 70 years ago and later generally meant stimulating the formation proximal to the hole. Today’s process can force frac fluids miles from the hole.

    • Tim, you could try a better argument than that. If anything, 70 years has made the trade that much safer

    • In fact no it is not safer The way it is done now pushes more gas yes but also does inject a very poisonous fluid into the ground IT DOES AND WILL CONTINUE TO POISON YOUR WATER

    • NO, IT DOESN’T POISON THE WATER, truth be told, your toothpaste is more dangerous. Show me the proof without bias and I might take you seriously

    • Stop drinking the corporate water. You are referring to conventional vertical fracking which has been in use for many years. Unconventional high volume horizontal fracking is new, unpredictable and unproven technology which has been responsible for air and water contamination, earthquakes, explosions and even blowouts of conventionally cracked wells (I personally visited a site where this occurred in Doddridge County WV).

      If unconventional fracking is safe, why does it require exemptions from federal clean water laws? Why does the industry require strict non disclosure clauses as a part of every settlement for injuries and damages they cause? I personally saw water buffaloes in WV at homes with wells contaminated by fracking, the owners can’t speak about what happened because of these forced agreements, the industry is holding them hostage and will not supply them with clean water if they violate the agreement.

      Sound like they are hiding something? Of course they are.

    • First of all fracing is done 2000 plus feet below any fresh water, there for will never contaminate any fresh water zone, secondly fracing an oil and gas zone in 5 or 6 areas horizontal is no different than drilling 5 or 6 vertical wells in a straight line and fracing all those wells conventionally, they are faced the same way !!! Nothing new to the industry other than people not understanding what they are talking about !!!

    • Try 7000′ below surface, under cemented and cases off formations that protect the water table. As with any other gas, it travels the path of least resistance, meaning that over millions of years surface gas forms as shallow as 1000′, if you deplete the water table so that gas can invade it, it will. But it’s not from fracking. Some people are so fracking stupid.

    • I’m not sure when water, sand , iron cot roll , and friction reducer used to frac welsh became poison, but there’s nothing on any label s that say poison, in fact iron controll is used in water softeners in your home!!

  4. Hello Jim kilbarger can I asking if your Company accepting Applications taking any ppl on I’m a fracker

  5. Ken Bennett remember that the next time you buy gas,oil,grease,diesel,hesting oil,natural gas,propane,tires,and even condoms!

  6. Sounds like the politician is not supporting what the people want he has his own agenda…go figure.

  7. Would really like to see how these people heat their homes, run their appliances… Or maybe they all live in tents…..:-)

  8. New stuff coming to shut these idiots up too. Plasma fracking. Yes lightning. Propell technologies wireline plasma infusion.

  9. Degrowther nuts. The left lives on fear and envy.

  10. Just a politician not getting an envelope with cash.

  11. Typical Democrats not knowing what the fucj their taking about

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