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Argentina’s YPF discloses to court details of Chevron deal

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Argentina’s state-run YPF energy company is following an order by the country’s Supreme Court to disclose to the court clauses of an investment deal with U.S.-based Chevron Corp. in one of the world’s largest shale deposits.

YPF delivered a copy of the contract to a Buenos Aires court on Tuesday. It’s uncertain whether all clauses of its deal with Chevron to produce oil and gas by hydraulic fracturing in southern Neuquen province will become public.

YPF said in a statement it’s concerned about releasing confidential information that could affect the deal and place the company in a disadvantageous position with its competitors and shareholders.

The Supreme Court ordered YPF to release the information in November after the company refused to disclose environmental and other information to a local lawmaker.

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