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NARO and ShaleCast announce alliance to educate shale owners

NARO and ShaleCast announce alliance to educate shale owners

April 20, 2016 (Chicago, Illinois) – The National Association of Royalty Owners (NARO) and ShaleCast.com today announced an alliance to assist landowners participating in the shale revolution. “We believe this platform can be a game changer for the millions of royalty owners generated by the shale boom,” said Jerry Simmons, executive director of NARO.  Simmons added, “For nearly 40 years, NARO has been educating and advocating for the nearly 8 million royalty owners across the United States, and ShaleCast is a great complement to that longstanding mission. We look forward to making it available to all our members who have a need for forecasting information for their families and businesses.”

Since the beginning of the shale boom, landowners have asked the question, “What is the shale revolution worth to me?” An answer to this essential question has often been out of reach for the landowner—not anymore. A new technology startup called ShaleCast forecasts the income and production potential for each well on a royalty owner’s property. For the first time ever, mineral owners get free access to the kinds of data and forecasts usually available to the operators who produce their minerals.

Behind each well forecast, lies a massive database and algorithm that crunches all the historical production figures from each well to produce royalty forecasts. ShaleCast currently forecasts all wells in the Eagle Ford, Haynesville, Marcellus, and Utica plays. According to co-founder and CEO Benjamin Hall, “Our proprietary algorithm uses all this data as the backbone for modeling the future output of each well. We couple these production forecasts with daily price updates from the oil & gas futures market and information we collect from each mineral owner to produce well-specific income estimates for mineral owners.” All well forecasts are updated daily for commodity price fluctuations and most states have monthly production forecasting updates as well.

ShaleCast forecasts are an approximation of future royalties for the next 15 years of production. By year 10 in a shale well’s lifecycle, 90% of its total productive capacity is depleted. ShaleCast forecasts have proven to be highly accurate with as little as 15 months of production history available for a well, and the accuracy improves automatically as each new month of production is incorporated for a well.

When it comes to using the well forecasts, according to Co-founder Keith Mauck, “Our research indicates that landowners rely on ShaleCast forecasts for financial planning, estate planning, and mineral sales transactions.” “Prior to ShaleCast, landowners have been almost entirely dependent upon the word of mineral buyers in understanding the value of their minerals. Now they have options. In addition we have users actually discovering unclaimed wells & income they didn’t know was theirs; royalty owners that have simply fallen through the cracks.” added Mauck.

About National Association of Royalty Owners (NARO)
NARO is a member based non-profit established in 1980 and is the only national organization promoting the rights, responsibilities and the definitions of citizens who own the natural resources in the United States. It represents solely and without compromise, oil and gas royalty owners’ interests. Education and Advocacy for Mineral and Royalty Owners is at the core of NARO’s mission.

About ShaleCast
ShaleCast is a joint venture of social media network American Energy Communications, which publishes sites GoHaynesvilleShale.com, GoMarcellusShale.com, EagleFordForum.com, and ALL Consulting, a leading energy and environmental consulting group based in Tulsa, OK. This passionate group of mineral owners, petroleum engineers and technologists is transforming mineral rights ownership by empowering owners with well analysis, online tools, and information that helps mineral owners make better decisions.

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