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5 simple spring mood enhancers

It’s been a long, cold winter for many of us. So, it’s time to open up, throw out and breathe in.

  1. Turn “to-dos” into “dones”
To turn "to-dos" into "dones," give your tasks due dates.

To turn “to-dos” into “dones,” give your tasks due dates. Photo: freeimages.com/St. Mattox

Spring cleaning is one of those organizational goals filled with good intentions. But without a plan, we never seem to get around to it. Start out with an idea of what you’d like to accomplish and when. Give yourself a due date. And if a little extra closet space and a clean house aren’t incentive enough, imagine the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel after checking the task off your to-do list.

  1. Less is more
donate, organize, UMH

Spring is a great time to organize, toss, or donate any clothing or other items you no longer use.

The less stuff you have, the less you’ll have to clean, launder…or move. If you haven’t worn clothing in over a year, consider donating or selling those items or things you no longer use. Some charities, such as Big Brother Big Sister (bbbsfoundation.org) and Goodwill.com will pick up your donation. Or alternatively, team up with a neighbors or friends to host a garage sale and post it on one of the free apps/websites like garagesalefinder.com. You can list furniture and more valuable items free on Facebook Rummage Sale sites or on craigslist.com.

Paperwork, like bills, bank statements and tax returns, may be taking up more space than you realize. You might want to shred and dispose of documents more than seven years old. Be sure to contact your accountant or lawyer regarding special circumstances that may require archiving them longer.

  1. Brush on some bright
sofa, throw pillows, fresh paint

A coat of paint and some bright throw pillows can freshen up your space. freeimages.com/Mariola Streim

Another surefire mood brightener is to add pops of color to your decor. A fresh coat of paint and accent pillows instantly give new life to a room. But if you’re not up for tackling that smelly task, adding color to woven baskets can have the same effect. Using painter’s tape, mask off the parts of the basket you want to keep natural. Then coat the rest with your chosen color or colors. Lauren Smith from BRIT + CO gives easy-to-follow instructions here.

  1. Bring the outdoors, in.

Bring spring to your small space by planting a container garden. Photo: freeimages.com

For those with limited space–and time–a container garden may be just the thing for spring. Growing a window-box herb garden is easier than you think. Natural Grocers is just one national retailer offering ready-to-grow sets. Just add water, sunlight and a little TLC.

Meyer Lemon Trees are fragrant, beautiful and prolific fruit bearers. Best of all, they can be grown in pots outdoors during warm-weather months and moved indoors when cooler temperatures return.

Even tomatoes can do well in a small, contained space. “Patio Princess” or ‘Sweetheart of the Patio” are two such varieties available through nationally renowned grower, burpee.com. Check with a local greenhouse for varieties ideally suited to your growing area.

  1. Grow with your needs
UMH home, gardening

UMH homes offer outdoor spaces for family gatherings, gardening and enjoying the spring weather!

Is space still in short supply…even after you’ve de-cluttered your apartment? There are numerous affordable housing solutions that allow you to achieve a spacious, single family home with your own outdoor living space for entertaining and gardening.

Set your sights on a new UMH home. UMH Properties Inc. offers 3 bedroom 2 bathroom single-family homes with backyards at prices equivalent to renting a one bedroom apartment. You’ll find a 24-hour, amenity-rich community that’s just right for you. UMH Properties Inc. has been building high-quality, affordable lifestyle communities since 1968. Visit umh.com to find an affordable UMH community near you. Or call 800-504-0670 for more information.

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