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Where do you call home?

Sick of apartment living? Consider this…

Comparing the costs of renting an apartment vs. owning a home is a very real issue for all ages today. It is hard to look at the costs of renting an apartment only to realize that the only immediate benefit is having a place to live, and there doesn’t seem to be any real long-term benefit. How is it possible to get out of the apartment rental trap, when home ownership seems so out of reach? People of all ages are asking the same question – wouldn’t it be smarter to own something and gain equity? But can I really afford it?

Manufactured Home Ownership

UMH home in Fall

Today’s modern, manufactured homes are constructed with adherence to strict building standards so you get a quality home at an affordable price.

With the modernization and eco-friendly changes to manufactured homes, there are many things that make them more attractive than ever before. With strict regulations for building, manufactured homes are not only a more cost-effective choice than a traditional home, they are efficient, well-made, durable, modern and beautiful. Plus, there are so many options for upgrades that you’re sure to find a home that suits your personality and lifestyle. These eye-opening benefits of modern manufactured homes include:

  • Builders must follow strict federal regulations.
  • Few errors in building due to assembly line and controlled factory environment.
  • Inexpensive upgrades such as garages, garden tubs and hardwood flooring.
  • Highly energy efficient in both heating and cooling.
  • Speed of construction.
  • Overall affordability.

Cost Savings

Sadly, when many people begin to think about how much money they are throwing away each month in rent, they assume that there is not another option available to them. Looking at homes in neighborhoods and communities that are for sale simply makes people believe they may have to rent forever. By stepping back and looking toward manufactured homes, many suddenly realize that owning a home is not only a viable option, but it can also be a more cost effective option than renting an apartment or purchasing a traditional home.

According to BBC News, the cost of owning a manufactured home is just about half the cost of owning a traditional home. This means that not only is the initial price better, but the ongoing costs of ownership are fantastic in comparison.

Benefits of UMH Homes and Communities

You have to take a minute, if you are considering purchasing a manufactured home, to remember what it is about renting an apartment that you do not love.  Chances are quite high that these problems will go away once you move to a UMH community.

With the purchase of a manufactured home, you will be building equity in your property with each and every mortgage payment.  In addition, any improvements you make to your new place will only serve to make your new property more valuable.

UMH Laundry

If white walls aren’t your style, add some color! With a UMH home, you can customize not only your paint color, but you can also choose the upgrades that fit your lifestyle, like the mud room in this custom UMH home.

Many rental properties share walls and yards. This severely limits your privacy when you are constantly surrounded by neighbors who can hear when you play music or a baby cries. What if you have a dog that barks? A manufactured home on its own slice of property gives owners their own walls, their own yard and a fantastic feeling of having a great place to retreat from the rest of the world. Even if for some reason, purchasing a home isn’t an option you’re ready to consider, renting a UMH home in a UMH community offers you the benefits of a stand-alone property without the commitment to a mortgage, especially since renting a home from UMH is often less than a standard two bedroom apartment.

One common complaint about rental properties is that tenants rarely, if ever, take care of them as they would care for their own homes. In a UMH community, however, each home is a part of a neighborhood, whether you own it or rent it, and you’ll see renters and homeowners both taking great care of the community they’ve come to love. With great outdoor spaces and a community staff that works hard to tend to streets and make community repairs, tenants and homeowners alike are proud to be a part of the neighborhood community around them.

Often renters deal with the emotional struggle that comes with the pet policies of many apartment buildings. For young and old alike, having a pet can offer comforting companionship, but finding a pet-friendly apartment can often be difficult since many buildings don’t allow pets at all. UMH communities are pet-friendly, and cats and most dogs under 50 pounds are welcome in the neighborhood. Plus, when it’s time to take the dog outside, a home with a backyard is a huge convenience compared to a third floor apartment and several flights of stairs.

CCV pool- BRS

Many UMH communities offer other amenities such as playgrounds, pools and community clubhouses to all their residents, whether they own or rent.

Finally, investing in a manufactured home means investing in upgrades. When you choose to rent an apartment, you agree to whatever amenities happen to go along with that rental. Most apartments look the same. Beige carpet, white walls and standard appliances. Modern apartments with upgrades tend to be very expensive, with rent payments higher than a mortgage! Looking to purchase a manufactured home from UMH means that you can actually decide what you want to have in your home. From soaking tubs and hardwood floors to garages or carports – the ball is in your court when choosing which amenities you want in your dream home. Plus, many UMH communities offer other amenities such as playgrounds, pools and community clubhouses to all their residents, whether they own or rent.

Experience UMH’S Affordable Homes

UMH has been building manufactured homes since 1968, and their quality and standards have improved year by year. From eco-friendly manufacturing to affordability, this company offers a new way to live to anyone who may be thinking about saving money and building equity at the same time. They also offer competitive financing that new owners are sure to appreciate. Experience a whole new standard in low prices merged with high expectations as UMH wows you with its designer kitchens, appliance upgrades and overall improved lifestyle. See yourself in your own home and know that now the battle between renting and owning has come to an amazing resolution.

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