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Best Debate Tweets: Presidential Edition

Let’s start with the basics. This presidential election this year has heated up to an inferno, and tonight’s debate is only a taste of what we’ll likely see in the next several weeks until election night. Topics like taxes, the national debt, ISIS and gun control were covered, as one candidate tried to edge words in among the other. Most people I talk to have very strong feelings ahibout these two candidates, and I don’t think I’ve heard one person say that they can’t decide who to vote for. Some of those very divisive comments came out in the first few minutes of the debate. Here’s a look at some of the debate highlights, as seen on Twitter.

In the midst of big issues, such as building up the middle class and making college free, Trump and Clinton took every chance to knock each other down. Clinton: “I have a feeling that by the end of tonight I’m going to be blamed for everything.” Trump: “Why not?” Clinton: “Why not,” with a laugh. That was only the beginning of the stream of tweets that commented on Trump’s attitude toward women.

However, the woman’s vote wasn’t the only debate among Twitter users. Many of them commented on the personal issues that have followed the candidates throughout the entire race thus far. Trump’s language and tone were among those people couldn’t get past.

And although it didn’t get as much discussion as Trump would have liked, his supporters also noticed there wasn’t much attention on Clinton’s emails.

Even Megyn Kelly, who had her own adversarial conversations with Trump, noticed the absence of the emails.

And the debate continued to go off the rails. As the topic went from taxes to gun policy, New York’s “Stop and Frisk” policy became the moments Twitter users were asking, “Is this a debate for the presidency or for Mayor of New York?” Successful or not, Lester Holt did finally step in there, only to have Donald Trump tell him that he was wrong.

Many of the tweets coming across the screen didn’t have anything to do with policy, with real, palpable policy that Americans were really looking for. the same comments about the same issues were reiterated, without any real new substance. If anyone else shares my opinion, I wanted to really see a point where each candidate would really shine. The debate should be the kind of thing that solidifies American beliefs that there is indeed someone who shares their ideology, who is worthy of their support. I didn’t wish so much for any person to fail, but to see a charismatic leader take hold of the stage. In fact, the moment after I heard a plug for Hillary’s book and a personal ad for Donald’s website was the moment when I thought it might be more fun to just clean my bathroom.

At one point, Lester Holt lost all control of the debate, and we watched and wondered if the two bickering children were going to remember they were debating in front of America.


However, despite the rocky start and the shouting match that knocked poor Lester speechless, after the barbs about stamina and business practices, the last small portion of the the debate did indeed appear as if the candidates had backed off a bit, and voices mellowed slightly as they neared the final questions. It actually appeared to me as if both of them were maybe even a bit tired of it all. (I know we were.) But in the end, we still got to witness this.

So maybe there’s hope for America after all.

But the question is always, who won?

Want to watch your favorite moments again? Here’s a link to the entire debate:

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