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Permits are up in the Marcellus and Utica

Across the oil-rich Utica and the natural gas fields of the Marcellus, a slight increase in drilling permits could indicate drillers see hope in further production and development in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Susan Crowell from Farm and Dairy notes that greatest number of permists were issued in Belmont County, Ohio and Washington County, Pennsylvania.

Since the shale play was discovered, there have been 384 drilling permits issued in Belmont County. Of those, 62 have been drilled but have not been put into production, and another 202 are producing wells.

Read the rest of the drilling summary at Farm and Dairy.


  1. Hello,
    I am in need of a reputable real estate or gas and oil attorney. There have been 12 permits issued concerning my property in Tyler County in the year of 2016 without my permission or signature and without having a valid lease, easement, or right of way. I own both surface and minerals and had been communicating with EQT, Antero, and West Virginia Department for permitting.
    I was sent maps several months ago and then the permits came. The drilling, roads and damage to my property started a couple of years ago. I have been through 4 attorneys, who when they get to the courthouse, they decide against taking my case. I have deeds going back 35 + years and somehow lost 5 acres of minerals, although no one reserved any minerals. A third interested party surveyed my property without my permission and said there was a mistake of about 4 acres so access to my water wells could happen, I believe. These acres were given back to the people who sold them to my family and the “so called” valid lease was handed over to the neighbor. A lady signed one of the 2016 permits and claimed this lease went with her 110 acres. There was an old lease that is not valid today that started in 1971. I have fought the good fight for 6 years now and I need help, please.
    Barbara Farrington

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