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Can Natural Gas Liquids save PA’s economy?

The Mariner East II pipeline, a $2.5 billion underground pipeline that runs from Ohio to Pennsylvania for more than 300 miles, is well on its way to completion.

A recent study conducted by IHS Markit discusses the impact of natural gas liquids (NGL) on the region. One of those impacts, of course, is infrastructure.

The Study, titled Prospects to Enhance Pennsylvania’s Opportunities in Petrochemical Manufacturing, forecasts $2.7 to 3.7 billion in investments in NGL. In addition, the region will have a “once-in-a-generation opportunity to develop and implement a strategy that will cultivate a manufacturing renaissance and transform our economy across the Commonwealth,” said Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf.

Wolf said that the state must continue the legacy began by Shell Pennsylvania Chemicals to invest in the state in order to “ensure that we make the most of this chance to create good paying jobs for Pennsylvanians.”

So when protesters were denied a petition to halt construction of the Mariner II East Pipeline, it’s not surprising in the least. The pipeline will carry approximately 375,000 barrels of NGLs per day in the 20 inch diameter pipeline. The liquids will be fed to the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex in Southeastern Pennsylvania and other destinations for both domestic use and for export.

The IHS Markit study forecast that a coordinated strategy in the Marcellus and Utica plays could lead to $3.7 billion in investment into NGL assets alone, including gas processing facilities, NGL pipelines like the Mariner East II, and storage facilities.

The Team Pennsylvania Foundation and our board sponsored the IHS Markit study in partnership with DCED to help Pennsylvania maximize the in-state economic benefits of our natural gas resources by generating new, high-paying manufacturing jobs; attracting investment; growing the supply chain and output in the plastics sector; and generating state and local revenue,” said Ryan C. Unger, President and CEO of the Team Pennsylvania Foundation. “We look forward to participating in the strategic planning process as part of a cross-agency and multi-stakeholder effort to ensure that our natural resources are utilized to create jobs right here in Pennsylvania.”

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  1. Fight for New York & an Executive Order to lift the ban on Fracking in New York State.

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