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New Ohio study digs into water contamination from fracking

water well, methane, fracking

Dr. Amy Townsend-Small and her team at the University of Cincinnati conducted a study in Ohio testing private well water to see if methane gas from hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is reaching drinking water. The short answer is no. Townsend and her team set up their tests to measure well water before, during and after fracking began, unlike studies done ...

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EPA: Fracking is safe for drinking water

pennsylvania drinking water tainted by oil and gas drilling

The issue and large debate surrounding hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is whether or not it is safe for drinking water. Well, our questions have finally been answered thanks to a long awaited study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA’s five year long study concluded that tracking, in most cases, is not harmful to drinking water.  However, the ...

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Gas concerns for Butler Twp. water

water well

Most residents of Butler Township draw water from wells, and a township supervisor doesn’t want prospective gas drilling to affect their supplies. Dr. Frank Polidora suggested sampling wells to learn about the water quality now so residents would know if future activities such as drilling cause changes. He also wants to learn about the aquifers that supply the township and ...

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Gas field drillers, activists seek statewide rules for wells

There are more regulations for cutting hair than for drilling water wells in Pennsylvania. To cut hair, you must hold a cosmetologist degree, pass an exam and get a license that outlines how you can practice. To drill a well and install a water pump, you need only register drilling equipment with the state. The absence of statewide rules governing ...

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DEP to DePasquale: Problems are already addressed

WILKES-BARRE — State Auditor General Eugene DePasquale is outspoken in his belief that when it comes to dealing with water contamination issues, the state Department of Environmental Protection needs to get its act together. During a public hearing on tracking and reporting natural gas drilling-related health complaints held in front of the state Senate Democratic Policy Committee at King’s College ...

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Pennsylvania legislators debate energy measures


HARRISBURG — With only weeks left in the current legislative session, the majority and minority chairs of the state Senate and House environmental resources and energy committees were more certain Wednesday about which bills they hope will pass the General Assembly this year than the ones they actually expect to pass. “Everybody thinks their bills are the most important, and ...

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Tangipahoa Parish enacts more cautious water testing amidst fracking

Marissa Hall | Shale Plays Media The concerns that residents of St. Tammany Parish have expressed regarding the effect of hydraulic fracking on their layer of drinking water has prompted neighboring Tangipahoa Parish to test its own water. Unlike St. Tammany, which has been adamantly fighting Helis Oil & Gas’ proposal to frack, Tangipahoa Parish has welcomed the oil and ...

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